Short Story: Curtain Call

I wrote this short story (~2,500 words) under the following prompt: In memory of Terry Pratchett write a story that showcases the following: -characters who face death bravely -stories that turn the traditional ideas of death on their heads   Curtain Call The No.1 bus trundled along the streets of Bristol. The driver yawned behind the […]

Magical Books: What Katy Did

I was going to do another post about school stories I enjoyed as a child, and What Katy Did At School fell into that category. But then I got thinking about how I enjoyed the whole series of Katy books. There are five books in the series in total. All five can be found at Project […]

Do I Need An Editor?

When I started writing my novel (I’ve currently nearly finished the second draft!) I joined the online writing site Scribophile. Before I joined Scrib, if you’d asked me what editing was, I’d have said that after you’d written your book, you gave it to an editor, and they corrected any mistakes you’d made. But then I began […]

Meet My Cats!

I’m led to believe that people like to know the person behind the blog. If you’re reading here, you probably don’t know much about me except that I live in the UK, and I like books! So, I’d to tell you about some other things I like, too. Starting with my cats! My husband and […]

Worldbuilding: Initial Character Ideas

Worldbuilding is like flying towards your fantasy world with a large camera in your hand. At each step you zoom in another level. In the last post we considered cities. It’s difficult to progress any further in this exercise without having some idea of individual characters about which you wish to write stories. We’ve briefly considered the […]

The Versatile Blogger Award

A big thank you to my friend, Sylvia Heike, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please check out her blog where she chats about her writing projects. I’m a big fan of her fantasy drabbles – click here for my favourite one. The rules of nomination: 1) thank the person who awarded you 2) […]

Worldbuilding: Cities

For the next post in my worldbuilding series, I want to think about cities. In the previous post, we considered countries and terrain, so cities are the next logical step to zoom in to. When you are deciding which city to develop, I personally would suggest picking the one where your story starts. If your […]