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DSC_9368-bigElise Edmonds

Elise Edmonds is a fantasy writer from the UK. Reading and writing have always been her doorways into another world—a way to escape and spend time walking with wizards, flying with fairies, and dealing with dragons.

She lives in a quiet South Gloucestershire village as a finance professional by day, and in her spare time she pursues writing as a creative outlet, to put the magic back into everyday life. When not writing, Elise enjoys going to Zumba classes, wildlife gardening, and playing with her two beautiful cats.




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  1. Hi, Elise

    My name is William and I am a writer and a poet. I grew up in the woods in North Central Florida but spent a good part of my life in the Navy as a sailor.
    I am enjoying your writing very much and will read your posts often.
    See you about on the Net!

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