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If you’re a fantasy writer, like me, this is the place for you. I chat about worldbuilding, review writing resources, and write articles on many aspects of writing, editing, publishing, and marketing.

Creating a Fantasy World
Deciding on Your Fantasy Setting
What Planet Are You On?
Countries and Terrain
Initial Character Ideas
Magic Systems
Career Choices in a Medieval Fantasy World
Political Systems
Book Review: The Time Traveller’s Guide to Medieval England

Writing Inspiration
Writing a Book: Stages of Awesomeness
Strong Female Characters in Fantasy Books
The World of the Fae
Writing Through the Storm
Diversity in Fantasy Novels
The Call of Magic

Writing & Editing
My Outlining Process
The Classic Three Act Structure
Using Spreadsheets to Organise your Writing: The First Draft
Using Spreadsheets to Organise your Writing: The Second Draft
Using Spreadsheets to Organise your Writing: Sprints
Do I Need to Set Goals to be Successful
Systems and Habits
How to Keep Habits Going
Do I Need An Editor?
Editing: How I Do It

Resources & Reviews
54 Stock Photo Sites
Book Review: The Writer’s Lexicon
Book Review: The Urban Setting Thesaurus
Writing Site Review: Scribophile

How do I Publish?
Interview: Authors 4 Authors Publishing

Marketing & Social Media
Choosing your Book Title
Interview: Sophie Edwards – Cover Designer
Why Writers Should Use Twitter
Very Basic Guide to Twitter
How to Interact on Twitter
How Do I Fit That Into 140 Characters
Twitter Games
Twitter: Dealing with Spammers and Scammers