Worldbuilding: Political Systems

Every country needs a political system. Let’s have a think about how you can develop the right system for your country. Who’s in charge? Firstly, you need to ask who is in charge of your country? One person, a few people, or a large group of people? A country with one person in charge could […]

Worldbuilding: Currency

In this post in the worldbuilding series I’ll be considering currency. Every society needs some kind of money, trade or barter system in order to function. My current work-in-progress doesn’t feature money as a high priority item for my main characters, but, from time to time, I need to refer to some form of payment. For now, I’ve […]

Worldbuilding: Religion

In my last post in the worldbuilding series I looked at the creation of magic systems. When I moved on to develop my own specific magic system, I found it lead naturally into the consideration of religion. So, I thought it would be helpful to look at the creation of a religious system.   What is […]

The Detail of my Magic System

In the previous post, I discussed how I am preparing to write a short story about Caelan, my apprentice-wizard-to-be. I thought about the various job choices that Caelan would have in a medieval fantasy world, and I devised a city apprenticeship scheme. Today, I want to firm up on the details of my magic system. […]

Career Choices in a Medieval Fantasy World

I’m now working on some short stories based on the country I created in my series on worldbuilding. The series of short stories is going to be called The Lannerain Chronicles. To create short stories, or perhaps novelette/novella length works, I think it will be easiest to focus on one character at a time and deal […]

Worldbuilding: summary of series to date

At this stage, I’ve done enough basic worldbuilding to start drafting some story ideas for The Lannerain Chronicles. I will add to the series as the need arises, but for now, here is a summary of the posts in this series to date: Creating a Fantasy World (Introduction) Decide on your Fantasy Setting Countries and Terrain […]

Worldbuilding: Magic Systems

Today we’re going to have a look at the creation of magic systems. The internet has many in-depth resources on this topic, so my aim here is to keep it simple, outline some basic principles, and apply them to the fictional fantasy world I have been building throughout this series. The majority of fantasy books […]