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If you enjoy reading great books and discovering new fantasy worlds, this is the place for you. I review books and chat about book-related topics, meet fantasy authors, and set myself fun reading challenges.

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The Birth of Young Adult Fantasy
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What’s the Deal with Flying Carpets
The Magic Behind Where Carpets Fly
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Book Reviews
The Secret of Spellshadow ManorYA Fantasy
EragonYA High Fantasy
StarchaserMG Fantasy
Way of KingsEpic Fantasy
Green RiderEpic Fantasy
Sunbolt – YA Fantasy
American Gods Contemporary Fantasy
The Call of Cthulhu Classic Horror Short
The Martian Hard Sci-fi
The Lies of Locke LamoraEpic Fantasy
Operation Space Cats Children’s Sci-fi
Heart of the WinterlandNA Fantasy
Septimus HeapMG/YA Fantasy
Dream Eater’s CarnivalSteampunk
From the Stories of Old Fairytale Anthology
The Moomins – Children’s Fantasy
The Sword in the Stone Classic Fantasy
OutlanderHistorical Fantasy Romance

Corinne Morier – Fantasy Author
Debbie Jinks – Fantasy Author
J.E.Klimov – Fantasy Author

Character Interviews
Mikal Faramar – Where Carpets Fly – Flying Carpet Shop Owner
Elina Faramar – Where Carpets Fly
Llan Tym – Powerful – Head Councillor
Mere – Dragon’s Heritage – Apprentice Midwife
Rosa Platantoder – Troll Wedding Planner
Vaelros – The Crown’s Birthright – Elven Chief Advisor
Sabine Rhyonselle – The Healer’s Rune – Healer
Vatar – The Shaman’s Curse – Bladesmith
Sadra – A Garden of Light & Shadow – Temple Dancer & Spy
Kephisto – Crone – Keeper of the Tale
Yvette Sangre – Hell Bent – Witch Assassin
Bud MushroomBud Mushroom and the Nefarious Trousers – Useful Fairy
Anna Rykov – Utgarda Trilogy – Anthropologist
DacianStolen Ink – Tattoo Magician
NillaLustre – Witch for Hire

Place of Interest & Inspiration
Tintagel Village
Tintagel Castle
Merlin’s Cave
King Arthur’s Hall
The Salvador Dali Museum
Spanish Medieval Towns: Besalu
Spanish Medieval Towns: Peratallada
The Jane Austen Centre in Bath