Magical Books: The Moomins

  As a child, I loved the Moomin books. The Moomins are a family of white roundish characters that look a little like mini hippopotamuses. Given the name, I think I assumed they were a kind of Finnish fantasy troll! What attracted me to the Moomin stories was the carefree nature of their lives. Moominpappa and […]

Books From New(ish) Writers

I meant to be more organised with the blog the last couple of weeks but: Busy Life + Norovirus = No Writing. So, to amuse you all today, I am going to recommend some books written by fellow members of Scribophile, all of which I have read and enjoyed. If you don’t yet know what […]

Magical Books: What Katy Did

I was going to do another post about school stories I enjoyed as a child, and What Katy Did At School fell into that category. But then I got thinking about how I enjoyed the whole series of Katy books. There are five books in the series in total. All five can be found at Project […]

Magical Books: School Stories (part one)

Magical books don’t have to include magic. Just another world to disappear into. Growing up, I was fascinated by school story books. It’s hard to put my finger on why I found them magical, but I think main appeal was that at boarding school you get away from your parents and spend every day and […]