Worldbuilding: Names

In my worldbuilding series, I’ve created a country, a city and some basic characters. I’ve reached the stage where I’d like to give everything a name. For now, I shall concentrate on the worldbuilding elements affecting the three characters I have in mind. So I want to name the country, the city, the river, the forest, the […]

Worldbuilding: Initial Character Ideas

Worldbuilding is like flying towards your fantasy world with a large camera in your hand. At each step you zoom in another level. In the last post we considered cities. It’s difficult to progress any further in this exercise without having some idea of individual characters about which you wish to write stories. We’ve briefly considered the […]

Worldbuilding: Cities

For the next post in my worldbuilding series, I want to think about cities. In the previous post, we considered countries and terrain, so cities are the next logical step to zoom in to. When you are deciding which city to develop, I personally would suggest picking the one where your story starts. If your […]

Worldbuilding: Countries and Terrain

In my first post on worldbuilding I discussed deciding the type of fantasy book you want to write and using that to define the nature of your world. The next step is to think about the country or countries in that fantasy world. You may be able to get away with one country or you may […]

Worldbuilding: Decide on your Fantasy Setting

In this series of articles I’m going to start with the ‘top-down’ approach to worldbuilding. That’s means I am going to consider the big picture first. The first thing to consider when working on worldbuilding is what kind of fantasy book you are writing. What settings and landscapes will your book need? Do you have […]

Creating a Fantasy World

The difference between writing fantasy and writing realistic fiction is straightforward in essence and a lot of work in practice. Fantasy writers start with a blank slate. You’re in sandbox mode. You have no context, no rules, no world, and no people. The process of world building can be overwhelming if you want to write […]