Book Review: The Writer’s Lexicon

A new tool for writers: The Writer’s Lexicon by Kathy Steinemann Blurb You’re a writer. You just read your manuscript and discovered your characters nodding like marionettes in every chapter. When they’re not nodding, they’re rolling their eyes. Oops. Time to slash the Pinocchio strings and turn them into real live people. Award-winning author Kathy […]

Interview: Meet Sophie Edwards – Cover Designer

As an indie author, you are more than a writer. You are responsible for writing, editing, publishing, marketing and all the different aspects that go into producing a book from start to finish. Most indie authors, myself included, don’t have the skills to do absolutely everything ourselves, and so we need to find professionals who […]

How Do I Publish?

Once upon a time, the only option to publish a novel was what we now refer to as ‘traditional publishing’. You write your novel, and you take it to a publisher. They give you a nice fat advance, publish your book for you, and then the royalties roll in. Right? Whilst I doubt the monetary […]

How to Keep Habits Going

In my last post in this series, I looked at how to turn your goals into systems and habits. However, we also then discussed the problems with keeping ongoing systems on track. Overcoming Boredom To overcome boredom, first you need to identify the problem. If you’ve got a proposed system for achieving a goal, and […]

Systems and Habits

  Last week I talked about how setting goals can be useful to help you achieve things. I then went on to say that goals can be difficult to achieve because of not knowing how to start a large goal, not finding the time to progress, and feeling a sense of failure until the ultimate […]

Do I Need To Set Goals To Be Successful?

Success – the ultimate achievement I’ve always been interested in ways of improving productivity and efficiency to achieve success. Success is a nebulous concept–it means different things to different people. I’m going to use ‘writing’ as an example, because this is (mostly) a writing blog. You may think that it’s pretty clear what it means […]