Book Review: Operation Space Cats – The Rescue Mission

space catsOperation Space Cats: The Rescue Mission

by Lesa McKee

illustrated by Heather E. Culler

Furry crew to the rescue! When Tebbs, the curious cat, discovers part of his human family is missing in space, he plans to go on a rescue mission with Granny. But first, he must recruit a team to help locate them. Problem is, he’ll be sneaking the small crew aboard, and hoping Granny won’t find out. Enter the space cats … a mixed bunch of furry felines who have many lessons to learn about what it takes to make a team great: bravery, teamwork, and most of all faith! When mishaps occur, and danger lurks ahead, they’ll need to rely on each other. Will the team falter? Or can they pull together to make their mission a success?

Join Tebbs and his lovable team of space cats for a series of adventures filled with faith, friendship & fun. 


Operation Space Cats is a fun-filled read for children. The loveable furry friends go on a mission to outer space to rescue two missing humans. The plot is action from start to finish, and keeps you turning the page. I love the characterisation of the cats – with seven felines you’d think it would be difficult to tell them apart, but not so. They all have individual characteristics, emphasised by Heather’s beautiful illustrations.

For Christians, a great message of faith runs through the book. I love how it illustrates that God is part of our everyday lives, no matter what we’re up to – a really important message for children.

I think this book is suitable for young children, and for parents to read aloud to their children. The end of the book includes some discussion points on the Christian faith, and I think this would also make the book a perfect Sunday School end of year gift, if that’s something your church does, or for your godchildren. I know I’ve struggled to find appropriate exciting Christian books for children before, with a balance of fun and faith. This book is the ideal combination.

Check out author Lesa McKee on Lesa McKee and Twitter – can’t wait for book two!

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