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Elise: Today I’d like to welcome Vaelros, son of Visar, to Magic Writer. Vaelros lives in the Noblain city of Irisia in the land of Vellar, and he’s the chief advisor to King Tylinas son of Therris, third King of Vellar. Can you tell my readers about what your job involves please, Vaelros?

Vaelros: My job as chief advisor mainly requires me to provide counsel to my Lord Tylinas, as he is still quite inexperienced. This includes things such as being informed of all that is happening in the land so that I may advise the King on various matters and being his stand-in for certain tasks while he is traveling–the King traditionally visits the homes of new parents to give a blessing to newborns, and so on occasion, he will be away from Irisia for several days doing this. In addition, as chief advisor, I am also head of the King’s Council, so as well as my usual duties, I am also responsible for leading Council meetings and such.

Elise: It sounds like a difficult job, keeping on top of those many issues. Is there a particular area in which you have expertise?

Vaelros: As you say, I am required to be knowledgeable on many subjects. However, if I were to say an area of expertise, it would perhaps be the history of our people and the geography of the land. My father is a member of the Huindor Guard, and as a youngster, I preferred learning the art of the sword and bow to studying ancient books, but my father wanted me to have a well-rounded education, so he set me to learning these subjects. The more I studied them, the more I grew to love them. As it turns out, my skills with a sword and my intelligence both were what earned me my position as chief advisor.

Elise: So there was no specific training that you underwent in order to obtain the position?

Vaelros: No. As a matter of fact… *chuckles* the job did not exist before I took the post. I was chosen for the position because of my extensive knowledge of Noblain history and my loyalty and dedication to my superiors.

Elise: Why did it become necessary to create the role of chief advisor in your land, then?

Vaelros: In the year 32, when the first King of our race was crowned, our Council had not yet been formed, and our government was disorganized. King Tonir was a rather odd fellow. I was born in the year 79, so I do remember how it was living with him as our monarch.

Tonir was quite eccentric and did not particularly enjoy the day-to-day busy tasks of being King, such as receiving reports from other Noblain cities and blessing new babies. He preferred to spend much of his time in research, learning all he could about magic and the time before the Noblain began recording their history. Each city was, therefore, free to govern itself–in my hometown of Aralia, we have a Captain of the Huindor Guard, who is the head of the contingent of warriors charged with guarding the Pass of Huindor, and during King Tonir’s reign, Captain Garret became the leader of Aralia.

As the years passed, more and more disconnect emerged between the various Noblain settlements. So it was decided by Captain Garret, as well as Captain Enia of Roselia, the head of the Tonran Guard, that there would be a Council to assist the King with various tasks. King Tonir was quite amenable to this plan as it would afford him more time to dedicate to his research. Five Councilors were chosen, one from each city. This worked quite well, and then King Tonir cast a spell that granted immortality to the race of the Noblain, surrendering his own life in the process. His son, King Therris, took the throne, and he was far more logical and practical than his father. During his visits to Aralia to meet his betrothed, Queen Amyrin, he and I befriended one another, and he came to rely on my advice such that he created the chief advisor position for me.

Elise: I can see that you must be invaluable to the king. Can you walk us through a typical day in your job?

Vaelros: A typical day for me would include waking at sunrise and dining with the King and the castle staff. The Council holds a brief meeting each morning after breakfast, and then I remain with the King throughout the morning, assisting him in his various appointments. After the midday meal, I usually retire to my office to attend to work affairs that require my attention, including scheduling King Tylinas’ appointments for the following day. I then attend the Council meeting that occurs just before the evening meal, and after the evening meal, I retire to my private quarters within the palace.

Elise: What is your favourite part of the job?

Vaelros: My favorite aspect of my work is that through my wisdom and guidance, I can ensure the well-being of the Noblain. It is quite a hefty responsibility, but one that I bear with as much honor and grace as I am able.

Elise: Do you get on with the other Council members? I imagine it could be difficult working together on important matters of the kingdom.

Vaelros: I work closely with the King’s Council, which is comprised of five other Noblain who also provide counsel and assistance to the king. Head Councilor Riyala is my direct subordinate, and in the year 188 when I became ill with fuzae, I had to spend several days recuperating and was unable to perform my work duties, and Head Councilor Riyala was my replacement during my recovery. Each of the Councilors have their own personalities–Head Councilor Riyala is passionate and driven in terms of her work. Councilor Kyosine is older than I, and on the rare occasion when I am unable to provide King Tylinas with an answer, he is able to provide the necessary information, for he is old enough to remember the time when the Noblain were not immortal, and when King Therris’ father, granted us the ultimate gift of immortality. And I am quite intrigued by Councilor Cerine, who is the youngest of all of us and who only joined our Council recently.

Elise: Is this job your dream job, and if not, what is?

Vaelros: What a silly question! Before taking on the role of chief advisor, I would not have said this, but yes, now it is my dream job, as I occasionally have dreams about my work. When I was in the Huindor Guard, my dream job was that of my position as a guard, as I dreamed sometimes about my work then, as well. Noblain do not dream normally, so when we do, it is rather prophetic, and I can see in my dreams the solutions to problems that exist in the waking world.

Elise: Ah, okay, right. Well, then, to finish off, perhaps you may have an amusing story about your job?

Vaelros: Amusing stories about my job? Well, several years ago, Councilor Alera returned to Lorelia, and Councilor Cerine came to replace her. I had not been formally introduced to Cerine when I passed her in the corridor. Upon seeing me, she bowed deeply to me and called me “My Lord!” I suppose she had mistaken me for King Therris, though we do not much look alike.

Elise: Oh dear! Would it be possible for me to visit the Noblain and take a tour of the realm one day?

Vaelros: Well, if you were to visit me at work, that would mean that you were also visiting the land of Vellar where the Noblain live. I would be able to tell you about the history of the Noblain, and recommend to you the best paths to take through the forest to visit the various cities. However, I would first need to use my magic to disguise you, as your ears are rounded and your face is different. My people would mistake you for a Gennen and kill you on sight.

Elise: Goodness, well, if I ever fancy a forest holiday, I’ll let you know. Thanks so much, for stopping by today, Vaelros.

Vaelros: You are quite welcome.


Vaelros is a character in author Corinne Morier’s novel in progress The Crown’s Birthright:

The Crown’s Birthright

Prince Tylinas’ sheltered, carefree life is shattered one day when the ship arrives. Coming from a distant land and bearing foreigners who speak a new, strange tongue, the ship seems to portend danger and death in the days ahead. The foreigners attack the Noblain and kill Tylinas’ father, King Therris. Tylinas must take up his father’s mantle and find a way to bring peace to the land, once and for all.

Yet danger lurks from both outside and in. Whispers of revenge surround him, of one of his own who will soon betray him. Are those whom he considers his most trusted allies truly his friends, or will secrets envelop his race and threaten to destroy the Noblain from within?

The Crown’s Birthright is the first in The Red Sorcerer Quintet series of fantasy novels, with a rich, immersive world that will leave you thirsting for more.



Corinne Morier

Corinne Morier is a fantasy author with a penchant for writing stories that make readers feel. Born and raised in Oakland, California, she now lives in Japan, where she works as a TEFL teacher for her local elementary school. In her free time, she enjoys swimming, watching anime, and, of course, writing. Her paranormal flash fiction story The Photo was published by Roane Publishing, and her fantasy short story Mother’s Gift is available in the anthology From the Stories of Old. You can keep up with her latest by following her blog and her Youtube channel ALTKaren, where she posts videos about her life in Japan.

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