Hi all, I’m back for another ‘weekly’ update, although I think it’s been over a week. Anyway, it’s been a good one.

Book One: Whilst I’m doing my final adjustments prior to publication, I’m sorting out all the exciting stuff for my book launch. And the fun kicks off at this time next week. Make sure you check in for my cover reveal on Wednesday 1st February!

Book Two: I’ve finished the third draft! Yay, I now have an 83,000-word novel. And whilst I’m dealing with the launch of book one, I’ll be getting book two critiqued again. I’m pretty sure I’ve improved on the previous draft, but I’m equally sure there will be a fourth draft in the not too distant future.

Reading: Finally, I’ve started my reading challenge. My first book is The Lies of Locke Lamora, and I will be following up in February with Oliver Twist and The Martian. And I’ve already read 5 books for my Goodreads Yearly Challenge of 80 books. So, going well.

That’s it for this week. Short and sweet. Have a good week, everyone.



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