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I’m pleased to announce that I now have a completed book one manuscript, yay! So, now I’m moving towards self-publication. It’s going to be a bit of a learning process this first time around. As part of that process, I’ve made some updates to my blog, so that it now looks like more of a website. I have a static front page with information about me. And I’ve split my blog into various categories with their own separate menus along the top *points upwards*.

My plan is to keep everyone more updated on my writing processes in the news tab on a regular basis and to separate off articles that might be of use to either readers or writers under their own menus. When you’re a new writer these days, it’s difficult to start a website purely for readers unless you want to turn into a book reviewer. I’ve found I’ve ended up writing some posts more suitable for writers as I learn about the craft myself. Plus, many of my readers are my fellow writers on the same journey! I also have a section for personal posts, which will include things like holiday photos and the odd article on non-book related things.

I’m lucky that I have a computer-minded husband who can help me out with the more technical side of self-publishing. Together we are working on my cover design. At the same time, I am learning how to go about formatting. I’m intending to produce both a paperback and an ebook. I’ve decided the paperback should be my initial focus, because I want to work towards getting a physical copy out for proofing. To that end, I found this great site with templates and tips on formatting, and I’m working my way through watching some of the videos before delving into the formatting myself. I’m always up for learning more skills, to hopefully I will be able to get to grips with it. Here’s the website if this is something you’re interested in checking out: DIY Book Formats

Whilst this is ongoing, I’m also working on editing book two. I’ve got lots of feedback from critiques and beta reads which I need to incorporate into my novel. Then I’ll be going through another round of critique.

I will be attempting to report on my progress roughly weekly, maybe slightly less, in order to keep pushing towards publication. You heard it here, folks. Apparently, writing your goals down makes you more likely to achieve them because now I’m accountable to my lovely readers.

Oh, and in other writing news, I attended my first writing conference this weekend: Bristol Con, a SFF one day writing convention. I listened to loads of great panel discussions, and I’m hoping to share some of those with you, from some notes I made, at a later date. I wished some of you were there with me, as I know you’d have enjoyed some of the panels.

Have a good week all.



  1. Go Elise! Go Elise! You can do it. *shakes pompoms and attempts a cartwheel only to fall flat on her face*
    I’m going to keep cheering until your book is in my clutches, and then I’ll only stop because it’s hard to cheer and read at the same time.

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