Meet My Cats!

I’m led to believe that people like to know the person behind the blog. If you’re reading here, you probably don’t know much about me except that I live in the UK, and I like books! So, I’d to tell you about some other things I like, too. Starting with my cats!

My husband and I adopted our two rescue cats five years ago, when they were eight week old kittens, from Bristol & Wales Cat Rescue.

Meet Rafferty, our black and white boy, and Anushka, our tortoiseshell and white girl (calico to the US people!).










As kittens they had two modes. Absolutely manic, and fast asleep. They would play and play for up to three hours at a time and then collapse in a heap and go to sleep:

kitten 3 kitten4









All too soon, they grew up. Sleep became more of a priority, and they found beds and nests all over the house. Anushka had a particular fondness for suitcases:


cat 3 cat 4







Playing the garden became a favourite activity, too. Rafferty, in particular, loves the outdoors:

cat 6 cat 8









If they’re in the mood, they’ll pose for portraits:

cat 1 cat 2







And they’re soppy at heart:

cat 9 cat 5










But watch out when they’re on the prowl. They’re a terrible twosome!

cat 7
















So, I hope you enjoyed the pics if you’re a cat lover, too! My furry friends brighten every day. I would definitely recommend getting a rescue cat if you want a pet, but don’t forget, cats can be hard work and need a lot of love and attention and looking after. But it’s all worth it, when they turn the purring up and look at you with love in their eyes. Even if they’re just wondering when the next meal’s coming!




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