Microfiction: First Steps

First Steps

I turned my back for a second. That’s all. One second. When I spun around, holding the blanket, Josh wasn’t there.

Lips wobbling, I reached my shaking arms towards the cot. Where’d my baby gone? It didn’t make sense.

The sides were too high for him to climb and there was nowhere to hide. I couldn’t drag my eyes away from the empty bed. His blanket fell from my hands, blue elephants mocking me, dancing before my eyes.

“Josh? Where are you?” Even I could hear the note of desperation in my voice.

I gazed until my eyes watered. Nausea rose in my stomach and my hands trembled. But just before I screamed, the air flickered, like a heat haze, distracting me.

Then came a ‘pop’, and there he lay, giggling. My mouth dropped open. Invisibility? And early manifestation. Looked like he’d got the genes. I thought he would, but I’d had my money on x-ray vision….



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