Of Maps and ISBNs

This week I’ve been working on the next steps needed to bring Book One closer to publication.

I had decided that if I could include a map it would be a good idea. But my own art skills are decidedly lacking. So I played around with the online map software at Inkarnate.

The image on this post was me playing around with it to start with. There aren’t many instructions on the site, and it’s only in beta phase. But it’s pretty instinctive, and it’s also free. Plus, if you search YouTube, there are videos you can watch of people using it.

Anyway, I managed to produce something semi-decent, and with a bit of Photoshop work from my husband, we can turn it into something suitable for including in a published book (greyscale rather than colour).

The other thing I’ve been working on this week is applying for ISBNs, the individual reference number that each book has.

Now, you don’t necessarily need to buy ISBNs to publish with CreateSpace because you can use a free one from them. But if you do that, your publisher will be listed as CreateSpace. I would rather have my own publishing imprint listed, and so I decided to purchase my own ISBNs from Nielson, the UK ISBN issuer.

The pricing is really weird. I assume it’s similar in the US, but in the UK, you can buy one ISBN for £99, or ten for £151. So it’s a no-brainer. Plus I’ll need one for the paperback and one for the ebook anyway. So ten it is.

However, there was a huge great form to fill in to apply for ISBNs, which also meant I had to give a rough idea of publishing month and price – things I hadn’t fully considered. But that does mean that I now have on my book page the announcement that a book will be coming in February 2017! So, I have my publication timetable.

At the moment I’m waiting for the ISBNs to arrive, whereupon I can try and put everything together and upload to CreateSpace. Once I have my proof copy, I hope to share a little more about my forthcoming book with you all.

Whilst I’m waiting, I’ll be cracking on with my editing for Book Two.

Have a good week 🙂


  1. It’s the same in the US. I bought 10 because duh. You won’t need one for an ebook unless you go wide. Amazon provides a ASIN for your ebook, found that out. But if you ever get an audiobook or a hardcover, those will need ISBN’s too. Overall, definitely better to go with the 10.

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