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I’ve recently started up a new group of writers on Twitter, via my writing workshop site, Scribophile.

We have a group Twitter account with the username @scribotweeters, and we are going to start playing weekly games which everyone can join in.

The image for the first game is at the top of the post. Please feel free to share this image on Twitter. Our main hashtag is going to be #twitterphile.

You may ask, what’s the point of playing games on Twitter? Isn’t it just another way to waste time?

The answer to that is that it depends.

I joined Twitter in order to become part of the writing community and, eventually, I hope to also use it to connect with readers of the books I intend to publish.

Playing games is an easy and fun way to connect with people.

For example, every week I play #1lineWed. This game for writers involves tweeting a line of your current work in progress based on the theme provided by @RWAKissofDeath.

If you view the hashtag and retweet other lines that you enjoy, others will do the same for you. This can lead to making connections with other writers – exchanging retweets, following each other, and having conversations.

So yes, I think games are a fun and easy way to make connections on Twitter and an opportunity to show people that you are a real person – which sounds silly, but amongst all the spam and bots on Twitter is actually very important.

To get the most out of games:

– share the prompt on your profile

– tweet answers to the prompt (there is no etiquette on how many answers to give but try not to spam people’s feeds continuously – use advance scheduling if you are short on time using a platform like Tweetdeck)

– include the game hashtags so people can find your tweets

– retweet and reply to each other

– invite other tweeters to play

I hope to see you all in our first #twitterphile game tomorrow!


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