2017 Goals

This week I’ve been thinking about what I achieved this year, as well as thinking about where I want to take things next year.

I don’t think I set any concrete goals for 2016, although I had in mind that I wanted to publish Book One by Christmas. Well, that didn’t quite happen. Although I guess I was 90% of the way there. So good progress.

I’m not that keen on must-do goals because they stress me out. Writing for me isn’t a job right now, it’s a side hobby, and I want to enjoy it. So my goals are more general ideas of progress I’d like to make. If I don’t make it, they’ll carry on into the next year.

2017 Goals

Book One

Publish Book One by the end of February 2017. This is well on the way to being achievable as proofreading is in progress, the paperback is formatted, and I’m working on the e-book. At the worst, it’ll be a few weeks later.

Of course, following publishing, there will be marketing and promotion to do. I already have a basic platform in terms of social media, so I’ll be learning more from my fellow authors and hopefully taking in a lot about the business side of things in 2017.

Book Two

My third draft is nearly complete, and I have beta readers / critique partners lined up. Ideally, I’d like to publish Book Two in late 2017. I’m assuming it will be quicker to do Book Two now that I’m learning how long each part of the process takes with Book One. I should be able to work to a more accurate timetable the second time around.

Book Three

Yes, there will be a Book Three! At the moment, Book Three is an outline. I need to rewrite my outline based on some feedback I got. And then I’m thinking of doing the first draft in one of the Camp Nanos. Preferably April, but July if I don’t get there in time. I’d like to have a decent draft of book three by the end of the year.

Other Writing

I’ve been playing around on Wattpad recently. I haven’t really mentioned it, because I’ve got so much else going on that it’s slow going. But I want to try and socialise where my readers are, and Wattpad is very popular with younger readers. It doesn’t have a great reputation, but I get the impression it should be treated more as social media than a serious writing site. Anyway, I’m dipping my toes in over there, and I plan to do a bit on there in the coming year.

I also plan to keep up with this blog, and hope to post a weekly update on what I’m up to, and one other article every week. I’ve been keeping that kind of schedule up more or less, and it’s fairly achievable. And of course, I’ll have more to talk about when I get closer to publishing Book One. I’ll actually start referring to my books by their titles soon, as well!


I’ve set myself a reading challenge for the year that consists of some classic fantasy I’ve always wanted to read, some recommendations, and some other classics. It’ll probably take longer that but I want to make a good start on it.

Aside from that, I want to continue reading in my genre, YA Fantasy, particularly in the indie world. I think it’ll be helpful to read all I can, and hopefully get ideas of indie authors who are like me, and maybe even get to know them personally. I already have some great connections with fantasy authors on Facebook etc, and I hope to make more in the coming year.


Anyway, that’s quite enough goals for someone who doesn’t really set goals! What are your plans for 2017?


  1. Awesome goals for 2017! I’m very much looking forward to getting the first copy of your book. 🙂

    I have a lot of plans for 2017… Most of them have nothing more than basic deadlines set, though, so I have some flexibility in how I handle things. But there are several projects I’d like to wrap up and publish, I’d like to blog more consistently, and I’m also planning to do a lot more research on marketing.

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