Guestblogging on #Quill: The Elements of Steampunk

Today I’m guestblogging over on #Quill – Writers at Play.

An excerpt….

Steampunk is a relatively new term in the world of writing. It’s a sub-genre of either science fiction and/or fantasy that incorporates steam-powered technology. It’s a kind of alternative history where the internal combustion engine was never invented and so transport continued to be developed along either mechanical or steam-powered lines…

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  1. I have to share this funny story. A few weeks ago my husband took my son to Comicon. My husband works out of the house, hates crowds and knows nothing about pop culture. It was adorable that he even took my son, but he came home telling me all about these cool costumes people were wearing that were Victorian-inspired and filled with gismo and gadgets. He had never heard of Steampunk! I have to say I’ve never read a book in the Steampunk genre, but I’d love to!

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