Microfiction: Portal

nature-984819_640The air shimmered in a purple haze. Liann stared, open-mouthed, as a window appeared in front of her. A world with green grass and blue sky shone through.

Liann shivered in the drizzle and glanced up at the grey clouds, bare arms and ragged clothes no protection from the wind. The strange portal called to her, pulled her towards it.

She stepped forward, shaking from cold and fear, and dipped her head through the haze. A warm breeze brushed her cheeks. Sweet flowery scents wafted over her, and her lungs filled with clean air.

A wide grin spread over Liann’s pinched face. She took a deep breath and jumped in. Was it a new world? Or maybe heaven? Who knew.

Behind her, the portal snapped shut.



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