Microfiction: Sparkling Jewels

Her jewels sparkled in the sunlight, green emeralds and bright white diamonds.

From my vantage point, the Princess resembled an exquisite angel. Her golden silk dress shimmered as she glided through the crowds.

I watched her spin around to take the bouquet offered by a blonde child. The Princess’s luminous smile made a shiver run down my spine. Perfection.

I drank in her features. Her petite face, her delicate hands. Hidden from sight as I was, I couldn’t stop staring at her.

I shook my head. Enough. I had a job to do.

A single tear marred my face as I lifted the sniper rifle, took aim, and fired, immortalising my angel.


Inspiration: my Monday #ministory on Twitter, based on the first line prompt: The jewels sparkled in the sunlight.


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