The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres

This is the final post in my series of what I did on holiday, back in September. I had to finish them before the end of the year!

Now, I’m not really into art. I mean, I like nice pictures, and I know what I like, but I know nothing technical about art and can’t name very many artists. If I’m on holiday, though, I’m quite happy to potter around an art gallery for a hour or two.

My favourite art is impressionist. When I was in Paris last year, I visited the Musee D’Orsay and the Musee de l’Orangerie, and those I really enjoyed. Dali, however, is a different kettle of fish to Monet, that’s for sure.

I didn’t really know anything about Dali before I went to the museum, and I came out wondering what on earth he was on! There was some crazy art in there. Some of it I thought was amazing, some was meh, and some just downright weird and not my cup of tea. But it was definitely a really worthwhile experience.

I was surprised to find out that you could take photos in the museum, which is unusual for an art place, but I took full advantage of that. Next door to the main museum was Salvador Dali’s jewellery collection which I really did enjoy. A combination of weird yet intricate pieces.

Here are my highlights with a few comments:

There were quite a few “stereograms” among the art. These were quite big in the 90’s when the “magic eye” pictures were in vogue. This work is linked with stereograms. The idea is that you cross your eyes and get a 3D picture.

2015-09-21 13.54.01












2015-09-21 13.52.10








This one reminded me of the fantasy art posters I used to enjoy having on the wall in my university halls of residence. I like mathematical/symmetrical style pictures.

2015-09-21 13.42.52























This is probably one of Dali’s most famous works, and the only one I really recognised – the melting clocks.

2015-09-21 13.41.02

There were loads of paintings of rock people, which seemed odd, until we went to a beach a day or two later and I looked at the rock formations. You could then see all the different colours and shapes and realise where his inspiration came from.

2015-09-21 13.28.57

2015-09-21 13.27.03

This was probably my favourite painting. Up close, it’s a naked woman looking out of the window. I then moved further back to take a photograph and on looking at the small picture on the camera …

2015-09-21 13.16.28

… I realised it was a mosaic of Abraham Lincoln! Very clever.

2015-09-21 13.16.12

2015-09-21 13.08.18

And now onto the jewellery collection. This first one is another melting clock.

2015-09-21 14.39.51

There was quite a bit of religious imagery in the jewellery.

2015-09-21 14.39.14

I love the blue of this – I think it was lapis lazuli.

2015-09-21 14.38.23

You can’t quite see here but the eye has a clock face around it – another famous Dali image.

2015-09-21 14.36.28

I always love a dragon!

2015-09-21 13.01.37

I love the delicacy of this.

2015-09-21 12.59.57

This is quite weird – little long arms and hands grasping a large gem.

2015-09-21 14.56.40

2015-09-21 14.55.57

The long-legged elephants are another famous Dali image. Personally, I think they are kind of creepy!

2015-09-21 14.54.04

Pearly whites.

2015-09-21 14.49.40

Later in the day we visited the village that is the birthplace of Dali … and here is the man himself. Although the highlight of the visit was the rather lush ice-cream shop!

2015-09-21 17.27.45

Well, I hope you enjoyed that artistic digression as a change from the writing!

This may be my final post before Christmas, so wishing all my readers Happy Holidays 🙂






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