Tintagel: King Arthur’s Hall.

For the final post in my holiday series, I’m going to show you King Arthur’s Hall. It was built in the 1930s, in the village of Tintagel, and originally served as the headquarters for a social organisation known as the Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table. This organisation promoted Christian ideals and Arthurian chivalry.


The building contains many works of art relating to the King Arthur legend. An audio-visual show recounts the legend of King Arthur with reference to various works of art (which you cannot photograph). You are then shown into the main halls to view all the artifacts, artwork, and the myriad stained glass windows. I understand that at times the halls have been used in medieval themed television programmes and such. It was certainly very impressive. I was lucky to get some of the pictures below, as in peak season, up to 200 people are viewing the rooms at the same time. My husband and I, however, got a tour all to ourselves!

The halls contain a replica of the Round Table:

20160921_104923 20160921_105002

Overlooking the Round Table are three stained glass windows, one of which depicts Arthur pulling the sword from the stone:

20160921_105052 20160921_105110

Various suits of armour are displayed:

20160921_105207 20160921_105642

Every Knight of the Round Table has his own stained glass window with a particular symbol. I think this one was Lancelot’s:


You can see how vast the room was here:


At the far end of the room were more stained glass windows:

20160921_105545 20160921_105600

All in all, it was a beautiful building, and a great way of reminding yourself of the main legend. The halls had a nice bookshop attached as well, and a lot of additional information to read about King Arthur.

So that’s it for my holiday pictures. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the pictures and places behind the legend of King Arthur.



  1. That’s awesome! I now definitely need a suit of armor to adorn my hallway (actually, it would take up my entire hallway and everybody would be crashing into on their way to the restroom, but it would be worth it). And the stained glass windows are gorgeous. It looks like you had a fantastic time.

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