Where Carpets Fly Blog Tour – Kate Coleman

Today, you can check out Kate Coleman’s review of Where Carpets Fly on her tumblr page. Click here to find out what she thought of it!

Kate Coleman has really taken Steven Kings advice that ‘The first million words are practice,’ to heart, and feels confident that her current obsession with writing Doctor Who and Star Trek fan fiction will hone her writing skills to the point where she can turn the first draft of her first novel into something actually worth reading. Even if it doesn’t, she’s having loads of fun doing what she’s doing, making good friends and expanding her skills.

There’s a serious point behind it all, which is that she feels she shouldn’t rush the process: there’s still a lot to learn. She has no intention of giving up the day job, because she loves it, (she’s a mental health professional) but at the same time, one day she’d like to see a story she’s created herself out there on the bookshelves!




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