Where Carpets Fly – Interview with Heather Hayden

Today, I’m chatting to Heather Hayden on her blog.

Heather Hayden is a writer, gamer, reader, editor, and computer geek, though not in any specific order.

She can’t remember when she first started tapping away at a keyboard but she’s grateful that those early attempts at writing are lost in the ancient format of floppy disc. She does miss that racing MS-DOS game she used to play but has found other games to spend free time on, such as Warcraft III and Magic the Gathering. A lot of her free time is spent reading her latest haul from the local library.

Heather wrote her first novel when she was fourteen, and published her first book when she was twenty-one. She is now hard at work on her next publication, a YA fantasy novel. Her first book was Augment, a YA science fiction novella.

At times Heather ventures outside to hike with friends, go biking, or go swimming. She prefers ocean water over lake water, has a fear of heights, and is currently in search of a new bike. She also loves anime, listening to music, and chocolate.


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