Five Flash Fiction Writing Prompts

Stuck for inspiration? Here’s a few writing prompts to get your muse going: 1. You’re in Starbucks. A superhero stops by to pick up a coffee. You get chatting… 2. Your cat wakes you in the night. He’s brought you a present. Assuming it’s a dead mouse, you turn the light on, only to find […]

Worldbuilding: Decide on your Fantasy Setting

In this series of articles I’m going to start with the ‘top-down’ approach to worldbuilding. That’s means I am going to consider the big picture first. The first thing to consider when working on worldbuilding is what kind of fantasy book you are writing. What settings and landscapes will your book need? Do you have […]

Creating a Fantasy World

The difference between writing fantasy and writing realistic fiction is straightforward in essence and a lot of work in practice. Fantasy writers start with a blank slate. You’re in sandbox mode. You have no context, no rules, no world, and no people. The process of world building can be overwhelming if you want to write […]

Why books are magical…

You may wonder why I’ve named my blog ‘Magic Writer’. As a child, I loved reading books. I can’t remember a time when I couldn’t read. My earliest reading memories relate to library trips, where I would take out three Topsy and Tim books every week. For me, the ability to mentally transport yourself into […]

Feline Meditations

A short soliloquy from a cat coping with a toddler: Escape at last! The human spawn will never find me here. Are all my whiskers intact? The fiend was in fine form this morning. Not a moment’s peace. Chased all round the house. Tail pulled, ears mauled. Oh, how sore my face is! I can’t […]

Welcome to Magic Writer!

Welcome to my blog, Magic Writer. I’m a new writer, using as many resources as I can to learn the craft. I hope to use this blog to explore the world of writing and to link up with like-minded people.