Wildfowl & Wetlands

Today, I’m taking a break from posts about books and writing to share a few photos with you of what I get up to in ‘real life’. The weather has taken a turn for the better in the UK recently, so it’s becoming more pleasant to get out and about again. I’m a member of the WWT […]

Tintagel: King Arthur’s Hall.

For the final post in my holiday series, I’m going to show you King Arthur’s Hall. It was built in the 1930s, in the village of Tintagel, and originally served as the headquarters for a social organisation known as the Order of the Fellowship of the Knights of the Round Table. This organisation promoted Christian […]

Tintagel: Merlin’s Cave

The third post in my holiday series is about Merlin’s Cave. As I explained in my post on Tintagel Castle, the castle links the mainland to a peninsula. Below the narrow spit that joins the two is a wide bay, and there are various caves in the cliffs. One of these caves in particular has […]

Tintagel Castle: Legendary Birthplace of King Arthur

My next holiday post covers Tintagel Castle. The village of Tintagel is a few minutes walk from the sea. Tintagel Island (technically a peninsula) is adjacent to the village and was originally connected to the mainland via medieval fortifications. From Roman times onwards there was a settlement on the island. The castle as we see it today, […]

Holiday Pictures: Tintagel, Cornwall

Tintagel is a village on the north coast of Cornwall (Cornwall being the south-west portion of the UK). It’s one of the UK’s most visited tourist destinations, due to its association with the legend of King Arthur. Surprisingly, this was my first visit, and I very much enjoyed it. Tintagel Castle, where King Arthur was […]

Lemurs and Meerkats

Today, I visited a local wildlife park. It’s an offshoot of the city zoo, and they have been slowly building up their animal enclosures over last few years. I was quite excited to see the new meerkats, and also the world’s cutest tiny lemur babies! Here’s a few pictures from my visit: First the lemurs […]